Non-automatic Firerate Overhaul 2

Non-automatic Firerate Overhaul

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For other “Bolt-Action Firerate Overhaul” like Hunting Rifle / Bolt-Action Pipe Pitol and Rifle

*another good from this mod i just found NPC aim speed improve(they not fire at full speed but calculate aim speed from firerate)

in this 1st version i aim at Non-automatic weapons and will update more in the future
after hunting around without vats i got an idea why weapons in fallout 4 is so cheap and thier weight is too much(for me)
why i can keep 10000+ of ammo with me and thier price are too expensive!!

so i do this by increase thier Firerate – because the diffirent of automatic/non-auto weapons is really high
increase thier vaule – so i can sell them with fair price
decrease thier weight – there are no points when i can keep hundred of junk and thounsand of ammo with me
decrease thier Magazine(not revolver) – so no more overpower i can fire whatever i want but i do think more before reload time

without touching thier damage so this mod is not break the game much
and this is not effect on full automatic

make sure you have this line in your Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4Prefs.ini After save and close Fallout4Prefs.ini do it read-only

Weapons list in this version
Assault Rifle / 10mm / Pipe pistols and rifle / Laser pistols and rifle / Guess Rifle / Combat Rifle / Combat shotgun / Plasma pistols and rifle / Institute Laser pistols and rifle

and stat as picture below
Assault Rifle


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