FO 4 Deadly Weapons

FO 4 Deadly Weapons

Have you ever felt like the weapon damage sucked? Or are you tired of spending half your ammo on a single enemy? Here’s what you’ve been waiting for.

I created this mod just for myself, but then I decided to upload it. This is based on Cupressi’s files that increase Sniper Rifle ( and Minigun ( damage; I made it with FalloutSnip.
The weapons may seem a little bit god-like now, so if you don’t like walking around wasting everyone – don’t use it.

I significantly increased the damage of Minigun, Laser Gatling, Hunting Rifle and Assault Rifle. The numbers you can see in the screenshots are so high because of my character’s SPECIAL numbers and perks. Oh, and sorry for bad language in the screenshots.

I might create a guide how to perform similar things to any weapon in the game with FalloutSnip – spent a lot of time myself trying to make it work, so if you ask me to, I’ll write it.

Warning! This may not be related to the mod, but I have to warn you: after I made this work in my game, the textures of my T-45 have gone strange and the console language changed from English to… squares. I do not know whether this mod caused it or anything else, but be careful.

Installation is similar to any other .esp file: edil Fallout4.ini, plugins.txt and so on.

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