Combat Rifle Plus

Combat Rifle Plus

This is primarily a personal use mod, and modding is not fully supported yet, so as always: use at your own risk.

V1.1 and further will require the installation of this separate mod:
Gun Nut Rank 5
Make sure GunNut5.esp is loaded before this mod.

The purpose of the mod is to expand on and rebalance the combat rifle. I have tried to keep everything somewhat balanced, but by the nature of the mod it does make the combat rifle considerably better. All of the new modifications are not in leveled items lists, so this means that NPCs or containers will not have them, so the only means to get them is having the right gun nut rank or cheats.

New receivers:
Advanced Receiver – [Rank 5]
Hardened .38 Receiver – [Rank 2]
Powerful .38 Receiver – [Rank 3]
Advanced .38 Receiver – [Rank 4]
10mm Receiver – [Rank 2]
Hardened 10mm Receiver – [Rank 3]
Powerful 10mm Receiver – [Rank 4]
5.56mm Receiver – [Rank 3]
Hardened 5.56mm Receiver – [Rank 4]
Powerful 5.56mm Receiver – [Rank 5]
Hardened .308 Receiver – [Rank 4]
Advanced .308 Receiver – [Rank 5]

New Barrels:
Long Ported Light Barrel – [Rank 4] Lighter version of the long ported barrel.
Long Precision Barrel – [Rank 4] Long barrel with more damage and range, but also more recoil.
Long Precision Light Barrel – [Rank 5] Lighter version of the precision barrel.

New Stock:
Light Compensating Stock – [Rank 4] Basically the recoil compensating stock, but lighter with less sight in aim penalty.

New Magazines:
Drum Magazine – [Rank 3]
Quick Eject Drum Magazine – [Rank 5]

New Muzzle:
Advanced Muzzle Brake – [Rank 4] Almost the same recoil reduction as the normal Muzzle Brake, but with minimal loss of range.

Balance Changes:
.38 receivers have reduced range, accuracy, but can be gained earlier and have 10 addition ammo capacity.
.45 and 10mm receivers have reduced range.
5.56mm and .308 receivers have increase range and accuracy; .308 gets more range while 5.56mm gets more accuracy.
.308 receivers have 10 less ammo capacity.
Added a fifth rank to Gun Nut for the end game new gun modifications.


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