Boomer – Missile and Nuke Shotguns

Here Comes the Boom. . .er!
Want to clear a room full of raiders with a mini nuke? Well how about 8 mini nukes? Try Boomer!
This mod adds 2 items to the game:
Boomer MK I – Combat shotgun that uses Missiles as ammo
Boomer MK II – Combat shotgun that uses Mini Nukes as ammo

*The weapons treats the ammo as shotgun shells, and creates a spray of projectiles, so you get 8 missiles/nukes for the price of one!
*They are fully moddable, but I would not recommend the suppressor mod, as it replaces the projectiles in the ammo with silenced shotgun shells.
*The items can be found in a file cabinet inside Vault 111(in the room with the cryolator). Or if you prefer to use the console, their item ID’s are x000800 and x000801.

*Crafted with FO4Edit. Enjoy.


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