Wasteland HDerizer Suite

Tired of the stock blurry screen look that makes it look like you’re playing on a CRT? Want to feel like you’re actually playing an HD game? This is your answer! Praise be to Atom!

This mod does 3 basic things
•Adds Luma Sharpening to make textures pop and remove screen blurriness•
•Adjusts color balance/curves to remove stock red push present in game•
•Adds SMAA Anti-aliasing to smooth out all of the jagged edges•

The main goal of this mod is to make Fallout 4 look more HD while also making it look more like Fallout! This mod is compatible with the game’s stock forms of Anti-aliasing. For the best experience though, I recommend turning all in-game Anti-aliasing off. It will make the textures appear sharper and adds to the overall effect. Thanks for looking and downloading! I hope you enjoy!

•Download the .zip file
•Extract the contents to the same folder as the Fallout4.exe
(“C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4”)
•Run the game! If successful you should see a message appear in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

This is a SweetFX/ReShade preset. I tried to optimize as much as I could to get the best cost/performance ratio.
I’m running an i7 2600k @ 4.5ghz, 8gb RAM, and a 780Ti. I notice between a 4-8fps drop.

Credits to:
• SweetFX by Ceejay
• Reshade by Crosire


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