Stromberg Retexture Project 2

Stromberg Retexture Project

Stromberg Retexture Project3Stromberg Retexture Project 1Stromberg Retexture Project 2Stromberg Retexture Project

Redone textures with higher resolution, for certain objects, more will be added over time.
Basically just redoing textures I “feel” like doing.

Most of the time my textures will be 4 times the resolution of the original ones, like a 1024×1024 texture I will do a 2048×2048 one.

Objects that has been re-textured are.
Desk Terminal
Workstation Chemistry B

Some textures might be shared over several objects, if you see textures that look like they are applied wrong.
Put it as a bug and I will take a look at it.

I will also consider requests on what objects to re-texture.

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