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Immersive Reflex Sights

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This mod is my solution to Bethesda’s strange desire to give us robot eyes when using reflex sights. Reflex sights are supposed to be used for quick sight acquisition, thus the simple bright dot of color, but with the vanilla sights I would constantly find myself unable to switch from target to target due to them being either blocked by the sight itself or hidden off screen. Plus that sudden zoom-in effect is a bit disorienting, to say the least. If you’ve ever used a reflex sight in real life, you know it’s more or less just an alternative to iron sights, no magic zoom-in effect, no suddenly better vision, that’s what scopes are used for. And yes, I know there are some reflex-type sights with magnification in real life, but the in-game models don’t look like they would have any.

Plus, I knew if I put immersive in the title I would totally get like 500,000+ views..

This is a real simple one guys, it’s just an ESP File.

[NMM Installation]
Hit the download with NMM button and check the box next to the mod.

[Manual Installation]
Simply extract ImmersiveReflexSights.esp into your data folder. Activate in your choice of mod manager.

As far as I know load order shouldn’t matter and there shouldn’t be any conflicts or incompatibilities at the moment, but do let me know in the bugs sections if something pops up.

And yes, before anybody says anything, I know there’s an Identical to Master record in there. It is actually a mistake on Bethesda’s part. I included it in case Bethesda or somebody else decides to fix it.


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