FO 4 exShinras Better Brick Textures

FO 4 exShinras Better Brick Textures

FO 4 exShinras Better Brick Textures 4FO 4 exShinras Better Brick Textures 3FO 4 exShinras Better Brick Textures 2FO 4 exShinras Better Brick Textures

Going to be part of my Urban Texture Overhual pack I’m working on. See my other mod for similar stuff.

This one is going to take a lot more effort than my previous mod, since I’m actually replacing the textures with brand new ones. As they are twice as large as the vanilla textures, you will have a very _slight_ performance drop. My frame rate drops less than 1 fps, from 46 to 45.5 using these textures. Small price to pay so you dont look at this all day

Feedback is important! As always, endorse if you like the mod and want more!

UPDATE: V0.02. Fixed some color mismatching. Added in more brick textures. Working on the “Redux” textures, but they’re very difficult to manage (IE, the ones where its faded away into mortar). Removed junk file.
UPDATE: V0.021. Fixed into appropriate file. Should noticebly improve quality of bumpmapping.
UPDATE: V0.022. Fixed some patterns to be more matching. Added in WhiteBricks file.
UPDATE. V0.023. Added 100% more textures to the file. Includes some window/building textures. Will be adding custom window/door textures in the next major update, for all textures
UPDATE: V0.1. Went back and redid all the normal brick textures to 8″, 2k textures. They look WAY better now! I highly recommend you update if you haven’t already. I added in some window files, removed some old, broken junk files from previous version. Fixed spec map to be less “shiny” during good weather. It has a nice shimmer during rain still :)

Fix alpha channels on all textures!

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