Darker Nights Fallout 4

Darker Nights Fallout 4

Darker Nights Fallout 4Darker Nights Fallout 4

Now you see me…

This mod will make the nights in the Commonwealth darker. Not by a whole lot, but dark enough I think so that you know the night has fallen without having to check the time on your pip-boy. Only exteriors are affected.

Tested with “set timescale to 10000” but do let me know if anything looks weird. I haven’t tried how it looks with night vision.

To install, copy DarkerNights.esp to the data folder.
To activate, put DarkerNights.esp at the end of your plugins.txt file.

Find your Plugins.txt file at c:\Users\(YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE)\AppData\Local\Fallout4\

The launcher will keep overwriting the file, so you need to set it to read only.

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