– What is it?
This tool automatically edit the ini files for the game Fallout 4. The User does not have to do the editing manually anymore. The tool changes the 2 ini entry’s that are necessary for any modding.

– Explanation
Until now you had to edit the ini files manually, to enable the game to use any mods that came as “loose files” (uncompressed asset files in the DATA game folder).

This tool just simplifies this INI editing and makes it easier for new modders to enable the modding capability of Fallout 4.
The user does not have to find the install path and open the files with Notepad.exe and then copy&paste the ini changes anymore.

This is basically a “1-Click-Solution” for the ini edit

The Installer modifies the ini files in the path:
„%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Fallout4“

-How to use
Just open the downloaded .7z archive and execute the tool. The tool will then let you decide witch ini files you want to be modified.
I have made this tool with NSIS, so it is really simple and intuitive to use.

If you find any bugs then contact me on the nexus and i will see if i can fix it.

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