Fallout4Translator is an advanced translation editor.

All features are inherited from TesvTranslator
However, this tool is aimed to work with Fallout4 and will not work well for Skyrim. There are core changes that will break the compatibility.
Some features are currently in progress or disabled (like BSA support, MCM/Translate), but the main features are fonctionnals
Important: A lot of records definitions are actually missing, (this generates orphan records when strings files are loaded through fallout.esm. This is harmless, since no strings are lost, they are just not associated with the internal edid). This is a work in progress. New definitions will be added as soon as they are found.

Features of the tool 0.1Alpha

-Build dictionaries of strings pairs from existing *.Strings files
-5 edition-modes:
1)*Esp mode* can load esp/esm file and perform direct translation. (Should work, however, there are no official word about fallout esp at this time…)
2)*Strings modes* can perform translation on strings files that come with localized esp (STRINGS, DLSTRINGS, ILSTRINGS). This mode does not alter esp/esm (updated and functionnal)
3)*Hybrid Mod*: load a localized Esp as a Records/fields layout for editing Strings files. (The esp doesn’t have to be in the Skyrim directory, but the Strings files must be in a .\strings folder just next to the esp) (updated and functionnal)
4)*MCM/Translate*: Those files are used by addons that support MCM menu (SkyUI), but also by vanilla skyrim. They contains all UI strings. (Not ready yet)
5)*PapyrusPex*: can load and decompile a papyrus pex. Internals vars will be locked as non-editable. This feature is EXPERIMENTAL. (updated and functionnal)

-EspCompare tool: build string pairs directly between 2 esps with different languages.
-Direct strings Search
-Heuristic strings search
-Diff-viewer, that shows difference between original/updated source-strings
-Support all known encoding for Skyrim
-Alias Tool Check: verify alias integrity between source string and its translation.
-Special DialogList for DIAL/INFO/QUST data
-Search and replace tool
-Custom dictionary
-XML import/export
-Inline dictionary, built on the fly with the existing string pairs.(for latin/english language)
-The UI has been localized and can be easily translated (Ressources can be found in the \res folder, just create a new folder with the desired language. The ‘res.ini’ file contains all strings used by TESVT. If you are using extended charset, I suggest to save it in utf-8 with BOM, so there will be no codepage issue)

Important: Fallout4Translator is *not* a tool for to localize/delocalize *.esp/*.esm file.

Notes & Crédits:
UIlocalization: (Inherited from TesvTranslator)
-Japanese by Vivanon
-German by Slavovitsh, nnw & Scharesoft
-Polish by TomBrightblade
-Chinese Simplified & Chinese Traditional by ruinelec+windkenlu
-Spanish by Fiama
-Portuguese by Vulthoryu
-Russian by Iclinet

Special thanks to
Tes5edit team for their work
Alexander Blade for the last fallout4 OpCode in Pex
Internet for the gigantic ressource ^^

version 0.1 alpha
First release for Fallout4
-Inherited code from TesvTranslator
-Some Cleanup
-Fixed DIAL/INFO/QUST records for Fallout4
-Updated Pex decompiler (New opcode feedback is still a work in progress)

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