Fallout 4 Texture Browser

Fallout 4 Texture Browser

What is This?

The Fallout 4 Texture Browser allows modders to target and find all Fallout4 textures they need, without having to run Bethesda Archive Extractor (B.A.E) on all folders. Normally you’d need to sift through extracted folders, or through Bethesda Archive Extractor to find that one texture you’re looking for. This can lead to wasted time. I assume you want to be modding not wading through directories and sub directories.

This tool is simple. An HTML UI allows you to enter what you are looking for. Let’s say “hats” for this example, into a search-bar. It will spit back every variation of hat textures in the game. Through this process you can pinpoint specific files quickly, and without a lot of effort.

Try looking up “harpoon” it’s in there.

What this is NOT:
A way to download textures, I have a feeling Bethesda wouldn’t care for that.
A replacement for BAE
A way to access textures

Getting Started
Extract the folder and open the folder labeled browser, ignore the python file. Boot up browser.html in there to get started. I also suggest reading the README in the as well folder before beginning, I also suggest using a markdown reader to view it, as It looks so much better than than the nexus .txt version. The README will, and can give more details on this project, and specific features as I include them. Needless to say if can you operate a search engine, you can use this tool.

Problems? Questions? Suggestions?

Submitting a bug report helps, also just asking in comments or through a pm.

Future Release Features

Create “Favorite Lists”
Filter out the different file types (diffuse,normal,and specular)
click to copy and paste
Update to allow for model searches as well

Version Notes
Version 0.0.1:
Initial Commit

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