Fallout 4 Savegame Manager

Fallout 4 Savegame Manager

Fallout 4 Savegame Manager2Fallout 4 Savegame Manager

*Unpack the folder “F4SGM” to your harddrive.
*Run F4SGM.exe
*Select “Savegames” -> “Create New Profile…”
*Move your .fos files into the newly created folder.
Default location: C:\Users\UserNameHere\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SGM
*Select the profile you want to play from the dropdown list.
*Launch Fallout 4 and play with the active profile.

See “Screenshot 3 & 4” for an example setup.

Place a 400×300 jpg in the savegame folder and the savegame manager will display it.

DO NOT USE the scan function, it does not work. I do not intend to fix it.

This does not work with steam cloud.

A line will be added to your Fallout4.ini under [General]: SLocalSavePath=F4SGM\ProfileNameHere\

This program will not work if Fallout4.ini is read only.

I relied heavily on this tool for managing FO3 and FNV .fos files (and TES5). They pile up… in the thousands, at least for me anyways. I learned to compulsively save because Fallout 3 crashed all the time. I still do this and cannot get over it, so to keep my sanity I updated F3SGM to work with FO4.

I was going to keep this for myself… eh.. I’ll share it, why not.

Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 11/24/2015
– Initial release
– I did not fix the scan function, don’t use it, too lazy to fix.

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