Fallout 4 Plugins Manager 1

Fallout 4 Plugins Manager

Fallout 4 Plugins Manager 1Fallout 4 Plugins ManagerFallout 4 Plugins Manager

So ESP mods are already out and they’re a pain to install ATM. You need to edit a plugin.txt file (which is located in your %localappdata% directory) and manually add entries whenever you download a new ESP. Oh, and it resets if you forget to set it as read-only.

With this tool, you can easily do all that with a few clicks.


Automatically edits the plugin.txt for you
Drag and drop installation
Enable/disable mod option
Easy access to plugin.txt and Fallout 4 Data folder
Added sorting.
Added play button.
Program now backs up your original plugin.txt
Fixed exit button

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