Fallout 4 Face Transfer

Fallout 4 Face Transfer lets you transfer your characters’ faces between different saves.
No need to recreate your favorite characters’ faces ingame anymore.

You’ve already spent hours fine-tuning your character’s face and body, going over every inch of them several times. Your character look perfect. And now – for one reason or another – you’ve started a new game… and it’s time to do it all over again. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
However with this tool you can now simply copy your face from one save to another without having to go near the character creator again. Rejoice!

Note that this is still an early version! If you find a bug, please report it!

If you used Skyrim Face Transfer, this is basically the same thing. Download, start it, choose a source file (with the face you want to reuse) and then a target file (the actual save you want to use) and then press Transfer. If everything works as it should, your target save now has the source save’s player’s face and body.

Known bugs
Skin color doesn’t transfer properly
The character will still have the old skin color after you’ve copied the data. To fix this, open the console, enter “slm 14 1” (without citation marks), go to Face and then press C over your character’s neck to change skin color. The correct color should already be chosen so just click on another and then back on the one you want and it should work. (If not, please tell me so I can remove this workaround)

Is there mod support?
Not sure if that’s a thing yet, but nope. Texture replacers work of course, but nothing added in ESPs such as hairstyles.

How about copying gender or race?
Nope. Possibly for a later version, but right now I’d rather have a stable and feature short program that won’t blow up in my face, than something with a lot of bling and a lot of bugs. Right now both saves must have the same gender and the same race.

Does this copy junk/papyrus/something else except facial/body data?
No. If a face got transferred without any problems and FO4 loads the save, the chances are extremely small that something else tagged along.

Everything exploded and nothing works!
It’s an early version so that’s to be expected. Post a bug report and I’ll see what I can do.


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