Fallout 4 Deba2

Fallout 4 Deba2

Fallout 4 Deba22Fallout 4 Deba2


Deba2 is an explorer-style application used to open/extract assets from Bethesda’s BA2 archive format.


Multi-select support, including Control and Shift modifiers
Right-click menu to extract selected, or all files in an archive
Open a file, using your set default application for a format (if available) – by either double-clicking, or selecting “Open” from the context menu
Makes use of the Registry to automatically load associated icons for known file types
Options to set the default “root” folder for extraction, as well as to preserve paths when extracting.
Persistent user settings to keep track of your last used ba2 folder, your root folder for extraction, and whether or not you want to preserve archive folder paths.


.NET v4.5
Visual C++ 2013


The main source of inspiration for the UI design was from the Java-based app “Fallout 3 Archive Utility”. So this app will behave similarly, yet I’ve made changes where I felt improvements could be made.


Extract from the zip, and put it wherever you wish. This application will create a folder in your AppData/Roaming folder, named Deba2, where it will store user settings, as well as the .dll for the library created to open and extract from BA2 files. This means the app is essentially portable, as it will create anything it needs when it’s run.

Technical Details

The UI is written in C#/WPF, using a CLI/C++ library based off of, and including small portions of, the source code for F4SE’s Ba2extract.

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