Fallout 4 Data Folder Scrubber

Fallout 4 Data Folder Scrubber

I will say this once, this does not work on MAC or LINUX.

Now that the main message is out of the way, this is a small batch file that cleans your fallout 4 data directory of any mods. This will not delete any folders so you will have to delete those manually. Below is a link to what the batch file contains.
attrib +/- r sets it and unsets it from read only, this will cause the file to be ignored when del “*” is run. One last note

I will apologize for a broken file but I am not responsible for any damage done to your computer while using this file.

Download the file and place del.bat inside your fallout 4 data folder.

Running it
Drop this in your fallout 4 data folder and double click it. When it pops up it will prompt you to confirm the file deletion. Do not use this anywhere but your fallout 4 folder because it will delete any loose files in the folder it is in.

Thanks for downloading my batch file and happy modding.

This file is self cleaning so after you run it will delete itself, I will add a non self cleaning version at a later date but for now this is just for the future of you modders.

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