Fallout 4 Alternative Launcher

Fallout 4 Alternative Launcher

Fallout 4 Alternative Launcher 2Fallout 4 Alternative Launcher

This launcher allows the editing of the default launcher values and currently some custom settings,it also allows users to launch a custom executable.

The long term goal of the launcher is to add support for a variety of different settings which aren’t included in the default fallout 4 launcher.

Export and share different settings with fellow users for the best performance/visuals,in game settings can be changed and saved and won’t cause any conflicts with the launchers changes.

Modifiable Settings:

Able to adjust the default wait value [v.0.1.1]
NPCs use ammo [v.0.1.1]
3rd Person Aim FOV [v.0.1.1]
Autosave Interval [v.0.1.1]
Crosshair enable/disable [v.0.1.1]
Gamepad enable/disable [v.0.1.1]
Disable Gore [v.0.1.1]
Essential NPCs killable [v.0.1.1]
Multi threaded Rendering Option [v.0.1.1]
CPU Core Settings
Particle Quantity
Camera FOV
Disable Tutorial Pop-ups
Lens Flare
Blur Motion
Rain Occlusion
Screen Space Reflections
Windowed mode
Ambient Occlusion
Depth of Field
Godrays Quality
Lightning Quality
Decal Quantity
Shadow Distance
Shadow Quality
Texture Quality
Anisotropic Filtering
Supported Aspect Ratios: 4:3,16:9,16:10

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