The 1.1 update has technically brought the file count up to 1028
This mod makes simpler console commands for spawning things like perks,
caps, crafting materials, bobble heads, magazines, ammo, weapons, armor, and power armor.
To install bat files, drop them in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4

(not the data folder, they need to be in the same folder as the fallout4.exe)

I highly recommend to sort or group your fallout 4 folder by file type, or it will be hard to find other important files.
1.1- Fixed some file name for the word rifle being misspelled as “rilfe”.
-Added bat files for adding legendary effects to armor and weapons.
(to add legendary effects to items, you need to drop and select the items first)
To use bat file simply open the developer console with the Tilda key “`”, and type “bat filename”.

Example: to give yourself 800 caps type “bat caps800”.

Console commands are NOT case sensitive.

I would recommend you just look through the files to see my naming scheme,
so you can get an idea of how a certain files might be named and not have to constantly check.
When giving yourself body armor and power armor, the armor will spawn at a random levels,
for body armor it will be either normal, sturdy, or heavy, and for power armor it will be rank 1-6.
(this appears to be because there are not distinct spawn codes for different levels of armor)

If you give yourself a perk, and the perk glitches and acts like you don’t have the perk,
just use the remove perk commands that are also included and re-add it, it should fix its self.

Giving yourself all magazines will give you the effects,
but for bobble heads you need to drop them first then pick them back up.

I included some files for Legendary named weapons, but those file seem not to work.

For 10,000 of all ammo’s, type “bat AmmoX”
For “unlimited” caps, type “bat CapsX”
For 10,000 of all crafting materials, type “bat craft”
For all perks, type “bat PerksMale” or “bat PerksFemale” depending on the gender of your character.
To add a perk, type “bat addperk”, to remove perk type “bat removeperk”
(there’s no ! at the end of the since perk file name, but blitz is still spelled with a Z)
For all Magazines type “bat mags”, for all bobble heads type “bat bobble”
all files for guns start with the word “gun”, all files for mele weapons star with the word “mele”
all ammo files have the word “ammo” after the name but before the number
(Exception: Syringe ammo’s have the word “syringe” instead of ammo.)
For all Syringe ammo type “bat SyringeAmmoX”
For armor all files start with the word “armor” and For power armor, all file start with “powerarmor”


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