Notification Remover

Notification Remover

The messages are as old as the TES and FO franchises. We all experienced them before. There’s tons of mocking videos on the subject, and how you suddenly move as fast as as toad when overloading your character. Bethesda, as always, wanted to make sure you actually understand you are overloaded, despite the fact it was you in the first place, that deliberatley overencumbered yourself. But that doesn’t bother old lady Beth. Just as she’s imagening Fallout players are a minority that can’t comprehent pressing more buttons then 3 at once, she thinks a notification is needed to draw your attention to your inventory to drop stuff. No longer! Finally you no longer need to yell it out loud. Go fudge yourself! I know I’m overloaded! Now quite telling me! This Mod will remove all those annoying messages, so you can happily collect all the loot that Bethesda has throwen at you, without being bothered by uncalled notifications.

So much for rejoice. What does this Mod do?

For now it will remove the upper left corner notification about how you are overloaded and can’t run or move faster as a worm. More messages removal are planed for future updates, I just need to find more of those annoying messages. If you have one, leave a comment, I’ll happily remove it for you.

How is it installed?

1. Open the Fallout4Prefs.ini and under the section [Launcher] add “bEnableFileSelection=1”.
2. Copy the file from this download into your Fallout4/Data folder
3. Enable the file in your data section in the FO4 launcher, see here under the section news how’s it done…

Will this be improved?

Yes, probably, depends on what other ideas you post on which other notifications could be removed.

Is it stable?

Mods created without official tools have a risk to break your game. But at the moment this is true for pretty much all .esp based Mods on the Nexus for FO4. Once the CK gets released, this Mod will be remade. I would not recommend using any .esp Mods if you are a picky person that does not potentially want to get his game messed up. You’ve been warned, you decide.

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