Bhaal's Better Sorting 1.1

Bhaal’s Better Sorting 1.1

Better sorting mod, contains changes to every item except for most weapons and all armor pieces. I was originally using Better Item Sorting by xandarori and I encourage you to check out that mod if you don’t like my category system as he did an excellent job and it inspired me to make my own file. My file was made purely for personal use but I thought someone might benefit from my work so I uploaded it.

I am an obsessive collector in Fallout/TES games and I collect EVERYTHING but without the advanced sorting systems (like SkyUI) available yet for Fallout 4 I decided to go old school and rename everything like Headbomb did with his better sorting mod. I found the results to be very beneficial especially when sorting large amounts of items or figuring out what to sell and what to keep.

This file just changes the item names in “Fallout4_en.STRINGS” file, I don’t know how to make this into an ESP file or how to make it compatible with other mods like the Better Dialogue controls or anything that changes the string values in an ESP, if I figure that out then I will make a better file down the road.

If you would like to make your own modifications then feel free to download String Maker [Skyrim] and use my file as a base.

When upgrading [Armor], [Clothing], [Outfit] and some [Unique] item the prefix for the upgrade will come before the tag (Example: “Armored [Clothing] Military Fatigues”) unfortunately nothing can be done about that other than to rename the item in the workbench, the workbench has a very small character limit for names though so if I see a mod that changes that limit I’ll be linking to it from here.

A complete list of the headers and their meaning:

[Explosives] Explosives like grenades and mines, also contains some unique consumables from the weapons category.

[Clothing] – Anything that can be worn under Modular Armor.
[Armor] – Anything with an Armor rating that can’t be worn under the Modular Armor
[Outfit] – Anything without an armor rating that can’t be worn under the Modular Armor
[Radiation] – Anything that protects against Radiation damage (High Protection only, 100+)
[Eyewear] – Pretty straight forward…
[Hat] – Any headgear with no armor rating.
[Helmet] – Any headgear with an armor rating.
[Mask] – Any headgear that covers the entire face.
[Dog] – Anything the Dog can wear except Bandanas (You can wear them too).
[Super Mutant] – Anything that Super Mutants can wear.

[Aid – Rads] – Heals you and irradiates you at the same time and isn’t food or drink.
[Aid] – Heals you and isn’t food or drink (Might just be Stimpacks. >_>)
[Alcohol] – Grampas Woozy Pops.
[Chem] – Beneficial but addictive chemicals (Buffout, Mentats and the like).
[Drink – Rads] – Anything you can drink that irradiates you.
[Drink] – Anything you can drink that doesn’t irradiate you.
[Food – Rads] – Eat it and get irradiated.
[Food] – Yum! No radiation!
[Syringe Ammo] – Goes in the Syringer.

[Bobblehead] – Wobble Wobble.
[Book] – Is actually just the “You’re Special” Book.
[Holotape] – Excluding games and passwords.
[Key] – Open all them doors.
[Magazine] – Put them on a rack for a nice decoration, Skill Mags only.
[Misc] – Anything that doesn’t have a purpose but ends up in this category (Burnt Grognak, Tradestyle Mags, the like).
[Model] – Little robot models that you might want to collect, or not.
[Note] – Notes, like analogue Holotapes.
[Password] – Password holotapes and notes.

[Fertilizer] – Give it to that lady and she’ll give you money.
[Tool] – Give it to the disapearing man and he’ll give you money (If you can find him).
[Material] – Processed building supplies for settlements.

[Quest] – Anything needed for a quest (Misc, Junk, Aid, Apparel, etc).
[Unique] – Mostly Apparel but other categories too. There can be only one!

Installation: This file is NMM compatible, if you are installing manually then you know enough to do it yourself.
Uninstallation: This file is NMM compatible, if you are uninstalling manually then you know enough to do it yourself.
Incompatibilities: Anything that modifies “Fallout4_en.STRINGS”, or anything with an ESP that changes names will take priority.

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