Better Item Names

Better Item Names

Better Item Names 3Better Item Names 2Better Item Names

Renames a number of items to help better manage the inventory.
Most items have been prefixed with an indicator of what type of item they are, so for example all alcohol is prefixed with [Al].
Some items have also had their name rearranged, for example Berry Mantats became Mantats – Berry.
Keys and passwords now appear at the bottom of the misc list, hacking programs now appear at the top.

I realise there are currently other mods out there that do similar things, but this one is an esp, so it will work with all mods that modify the language files. This means that it is fully compatible with Full Dialogue Interface.

Current prefixes used are:
[Fd] General food
[Fd – Raw] Food that’s generally considered an ingredient
[Fd – Cooked] Food that has been cooked
[Ch] Chem
[Md] Medical item
[Al] Alcohol
[M] Mine
[G] Grenade
[Key] Key
[Pw] Password
[Mz] Magazine
[Bobblehead] Bobblehead
[H Game] Holotape game
[H Hack] Holotape hacking program

Things I would like to do
1. Rename armour to be less confusing, so something like sturdy combat armour to combat armour mk2.
2. Prefix all hohotapes/notes.

Feel free to add any suggestions or misnamed things.

This file was created with F04Edit.

To Install:
Copy the file to Fallout 4\Data.
Add the name of the file (BetterItemNames.esp) to “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Fallout4\plugins.txt”

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