Walter White Heisenberg Savegame

Walter White Heisenberg Savegame


Nothing special, just my personal build of Walter White / Heisenberg.
After a hour of work, I was happy with the result and here he is, searching for his son,
fighting for glory or only for himself, cooking meth, jet, psycho and other drugs. It’s your decision.

I have skilled for my own gameplay, you start in front of the exit of Vault 111.
If you want, change the skills and the character by going out of the Vault.

The preset is with hair, like Walter White in his teacher times. But you can easy choose other hairstyles
like in the screenshots or whatever you want to do with Walter.


Download the file and unpack it. Put the savegame in your Fallout 4 directory. You know,
under your own Documents -> My Games -> Fallout4 -> Saves

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