Starlight City

Starlight City

Starlight City2Starlight City

This is a save file for those who want a beautiful settlement at the start of a new game. It covers all of Starlight Drive-In and exceeds the settlement building cap by almost three times. This city comes with a marketplace, diner, school, basketball court, garden, and other hidden secrets.

The character included in the save is a modified version of the Gorgeous Vault-Girl by cedaie.

You have the option of downloading a level 1 or 10 to start your adventure.

Nothing has been done outside the vault except travel to Starlight Drive-In.

Warning: Due to the size of this settlement you should be careful with lower end machines.
Be careful adding or removing objects as many are intersecting and won’t go back.

1. Working Food Planters (Garden will be empty otherwise)
2. Settlement Supplies Expanded 2.5+ (Some items won’t show up otherwise)
3. Homemaker 1.13+ (Some items won’t show up otherwise)
4. Better Generators or something to increase power output (Only one windmill installed)

I apologize if this is a lot to just use a save file but settlements lack so many tools to build various things and generators suck.

Put the save file in the default location – C:\Users\*YOURNAME*\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves


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