Sanctuary City

Sanctuary City

Sanctuary City 2Sanctuary City

Sanctuary City

First time uploading anything here, hopefully you will get some use out of it!

Spent quite a bit of time making this, was very fun to do. This settlement is very big; you will lag quite a bit if your PC can’t play the game on Ultra (Sorry :( I’m working on making a slightly smaller version for lower end PCs!) I used Unlimited Settlement Size by Semetric to reset the size to 0 about 6 times so yeah ^-^. If you saw Sanctuary, like I did, and think to yourself “This really doesn’t look big enough” then this is for you!

The Character in this save is a level 50 or so with 100 Charisma (so that you can get a ton of settlers for your new city!) and has all the perks unlocked. Her name is Sage and I play as a Sniper so she’s got a beastly modded Sniper Rifle and a couple other decent weapons. I’ve only done the quest to get the Minutemen to Sanctuary so the file is fairly fresh.

To use this file, drag the save into C:\Users\…\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves.

Required Mods for Sanctuary:

SSEx by Troy Irving
Infinite Settlers by Grant 2600

Optional Mods for Sanctuary:

Unlimited Settlement Size by Semetric (if you want to add anything)
Quieter Generator Sounds by Lemures (there are a TON of generators, I would get this…)

Mods for Sage’s Look:

Grey Piper Coat by kingskyler1997
More Armor Slots by Abbalovesyou
Sweaty Female Body with dark underwear by SunshaftV
Wasteland Salon – Hair Texture Improvement Mod by Limo

Any feedback, comments, concerns, criticism, or questions are all welcome! I will get back to you as soon as I can! Thanks for taking the time to check out my file, and have fun in Fallout 4!

– Chris (Iris562)

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