Madeline Save Game Preset FO4 1

Madeline Save Game Preset FO4

Madeline Save Game Preset FO4 1Madeline Save Game Preset FO4 2Madeline Save Game Preset FO4 3

Player character preset kind of Bree Van de Kamp from Desperate Housewives-ish. Except now she’s all business, hair up, game face on, and ready to take on the apocalypse! Her name is Madeline, but friends call her Maddie and enemies call her simply Mad. She’s smart, lucky and perceptive, but also somewhat agile and charismatic as well. She’s a bit weak, but working on it. (Of course, you can change any or all of that.)

This save is right after exiting the vault and checking the area immediately around it inside the fence for items. She picked up only the basics, and a few items like cigarettes for possible trades. She does have the husband’s wedding ring, but not the cryo gun (no cheating there).

To change anything about the character, sit her in a chair or have her crouch down and then:

Go into consule using ~ command, then:
ShowLooksMenu Player 1 (for changing hair) or 2 (for plastic surgery)
showspecialmenu player 1 for name change etc

Or for another kind of view, go into console using ~ command, then ‘tfc’ (toggle free cam) to get a good close up on your face, then ‘showlooksmenu player 1’ then ‘tfc’ again.

Sorry I don’t have a pre exiting vault save, but I actually finalized the look at the vault exit menu. She looked a bit wonky before that.

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