FO4 Vault Meat Character

Vault Meat

This mod let´s you play as “Vault Meat”, Shadman’s Vault Girl character. There are 3 different files in the download, one that let´s you distibute your S.P.E.C.I.A.L skills yourself, one that let´s you escape from the Vault yourself (and search for all the hidden things to loot there) and finally one that places you right at the exit of the Vault with some basic equiptment and Skills, ready to explore the Wasteland!

About this mod:

This character is based on Shadman’s Vault Meat. As stated above, you can choose from 3 different save files.
Since Fallout 4 was just released and there is no proper way to add new hairstyles, I picked the closest one I could find.
It is going to be Updated as soon as possible to a custom one. The same is true for the lip-piercing.


Simply pick the file of your choise and drop it into documents/mygames/Fallout4/saves/.
Once Ingame, you might have to click on “select character” in the loading menu to be able to see the saves!
Have fun!

FAQ / Bugs:

F: I can´t see the save files in the loadingmenu!
A: Make sure you have the right character selected and placed the savefiles in the correct location

I would add more FAQs here, but to be honest, the installation of this mod is so simple, I can´t imagine anyone would run into trouble using it…

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