Fallout 4 Low end Performance tweak

Fallout 4 Low end Performance tweak

Fallout 4 Low end Performance tweakFallout 4 Low end Performance tweak

Hello Fallout Dwellers

i played about 15 hours and do testing everyday step by step from Decreasing the shadow resolution and the tweaks . from website to website and the software . thanks for ULGF and the Fallout Configuration Tool.



Copy the 3 Ini’s to

x:\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\

Dont Forget to backup your original Fallout 4.ini Fallout4Custom.ini and Fallout4Prefs.ini !!


My Laptop Spesification:

Intel Core i 3 2370M 2.4 GHZ
4 GB of Ram
Windows 10 Enterprise x64
Nvidia Geforce 610M

i do some tweaks with the Nvidia by using Performance mode on Nvidia Control panel

INIS Tweaks

– No Grass (better performance )
– Shadow resolution to 8 (theres a shadow, a bit blurry . gives more FPS)
– Resolution set to 720p (1280×720 because 800×600 theres a HUD bug for using the Power Armor)
– FOV Set to 90 (you can change anytime you want from the ini’s)
– The ini’s were Read only file so the launcher cant overwrite it
– Theres an [HAVOX] line on the Fallout4 and Fallout4Prefs inis , change depending by your Processor threads
( example Core i3 2370M Number of Cores / Threads‎: ‎2 / 4 ) change its to 4 if you have 4 Threads
– Depth of Field are disabled . but u still can feel the blur
– if you have any tweaks . please share with us on Comment or Discussion section


Need some 800×600 (4:3) hud Fix so it will runs smoother . cant find the fix until now . need to wait

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