Privileged Settlers3

Privileged Settlers

Privileged Settlers3Privileged Settlers2Privileged Settlers

– Privileged Settlers –

You will need to fast travel out of the settlement and come back to see the changes.
Simple bat file which sets the following attribute to a selected settler:

bat privileged
setpv bCommandable 1
setpv bAllowMove 1
setpv bAllowCaravan 1

bat unprivileged
setpv bCommandable 0
setpv bAllowMove 0
setpv bAllowCaravan 0

1- Independent settlers will now be able to be moved out of the jail they used as a settlement.
2- Optionally supply others as punishment.

-Cannot be used on companions !!
use these instead:
addkeyword WorkshopAllowCommand
addkeyword WorkshopAllowMove
addkeyword WorkshopAllowCaravan


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