My beautiful girl 2

My beautiful girl

My beautiful girl 2My beautiful girl

bla bla bla …… :3
My English sucks…..
Some people just ask for my character’s appearance code , so thanks to him that i decide to upload the save file .Hope you like her :3
So… you go…
1.You can use F4SGE.exe to change your character manually
2.Or you can use the save file “Girl all from 0.fos”or”Make up fixed.fos”.by move it to “C:\Users\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves”

PS: There’s something wrong with the make up , so you can do whatever you want to make her more beautiful !
I don’t know if this is working for everyone , so if you have any problem pls tell me , i will do my best to fix it 😡
Thank you !


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