Better Teleporter Synths

Better Teleporter Synths

Better Teleporter Synths 2Better Teleporter Synths

This is a simple, but much needed mod. It changes grenade teleporter Synths from unarmored Gen1 Synths into randomized fully clothed, armed, and armored Gen2 Synths that will patrol and secure the immediate area. They are much better help in a firefight than the Gen1 Synths were, and they won’t attack friendly NPCs either, so feel free to use them around the minutemen or any other allies. I know there is already another mod out similar to this, but that one is just too ridiculous for my taste, it turns the game into a Synth spamming opera. Mine is simple, and won’t cause an uncontrollable robo-laser orgy after just one grenade.

For those of you who don’t know what “teleporter grenades” I’m talking about. Siding with the institute grants you access to “Synth Relay Grenades” they are grenades that will teleport a friendly Synth to your location to fight for you. They are very useful for backing you up in fights, helping protect settlements, et cetera.

I have created a Courser edition for those that want Coursers instead of the gen2 synths. The Coursers are significantly better fighters than the Gen2 synths, and will use stealthboys during combat. The only drawback to using the coursers is that they do not patrol the area, and they are not randomized, i.e, they will all be identical.

I recommend you install through Nexus Mod Manager, and yes it’s save game compatible.
Made with FO4edit

Enjoy, or don’t. :)
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