Synth Armor Recolor – White-Black

Hello Everyone,
I felt the in-game synth armor was really cool, but I did not really like how it was portrayed, so I decided to try and make it seem more cool.
This is my first time ever uploading a mod or editing anything to that sort so I apologize to anyone if it is bad or what not.
Just made it for myself and if anyone else likes it well hey awesome. 🙂
It affects all the synth armors that I tested so I do believe that is all of them. I also made the uniform black to go with it.
File structure should be right, if not let me know. To install just copy the Textures folder into your Data folder.
Make sure you have the archive structure setup.
In Fallout 4 ini should contain sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\

Well guess that is it. Hope everyone that tries it out enjoys. Thanks.

– Added optional Recolor of the Pip-Boy to make it match better.
– Added optional Recolor of the armor to complete black.


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