RadAway Fallout Shelter Retexture

This mod replaces the texture of RadAway to that of the RadAway in Fallout Shelter.

Manual Installation
Extract the .zip file, and place the Textures folder in your Fallout 4 Data folder.
You may need to enable modded assets in your Fallout.ini file for this texture to work. Check Gopher’s video on how to do this.

Nexus Mod Manager Installation
Have NMM installed, and click ‘download with manager’
Double click the mod name in the ‘Mods’ tab of NM

-Fallout Shelter is confirmed ‘non-canon’ and as such, this is not lore-friendly.
-This mod is provided ‘as is’ and will most likely not be updated or moderated.
-Kinda requested by SomeCouchPotato

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