Simple Visual Improvements

Simple Visual Improvements


This mod is mainly a compilation of other mods that I really like put together to make the plugin count low and minimize conflicts.
It also has some minor tweaks based on personal taste.
Basically it’s a mod to make the life of people who don’t want to install dozens of mods with small features

So, what does it do?

– Changes the light system and darkens the nighs and interiors
– Tweaks NPCs detection system to match the new darkness levels
– Fixes some blood textures from dead creatures
– Improves the visuals of rain weathers
– Improves workshops lights adding shadows to some light sources
– Miner helmet and Power Armor lamps have increased range and shadows
– Pip-boy lamp with increased range
– Enhances the game’s ambient occlusion system

Currently it has parts or all the modifications from the following mods:

– Creature Blood Texture Fix by XLSJ
– Floodlight by Viritus [permission granted]
– Improved Workshop Lights by Ozin [permission granted]
– Fr4nsson’s Light Tweaks by Fr4nsson [permission granted]
* Please endorse and track them if you enjoy this mod!
** I’m asking all the authors for permission, but since some didn’t answer me I’m just giving them the credits, also, if you feel I’m leeching your work just let me know and I’ll remove the records from your mod.

Also, these mods were an inspiration to weather and lighting changes:
– Darker Nights by unforbidable (used his medium settings as a base, tweaked the values and reverted some fog changes for this mod) [no copied records, all have been changed]
– Legendary Lamps by Spoonifico [no copied records, all have been changed]
– Heavy Rain by Meltus [no copied records, all have been changed]
– Simple Heavy Ambient Occlusion by XLSJ (tweaked ini for my personal taste) [modified ini file]

*** This mod doesn’t contain any new assets, these are all just ESP record changes.

So, what else do I need?

All the main changes that those other mods bring have been merged together and other tweaks have also been made, that means that all you need, in order to get all the visual enhancements that these mods offer, is to install the Simple Visual Improvements.

Maybe there are other mods from which I took other records, but I don’t remember, if you think I forgot to mention you up there just let me know.


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