Settlement Shipments2

Settlement Shipments

Settlement Shipments2Settlement Shipments

This mod simply adds all the different shipments to the settlement shops.

Each shop sells a different variety of shipments, meaning that each shop has shipments that make sense for it.

The general store has the wood and the metal along with various other things. the armor sells ballistic, leather, Asbestos. medic sells acid, antiseptic…ect

I also made it so that there should be more shipments in stock the higher level of shop you build.

I did see that there was a similar mod on here, but there seemed to be an few issue with the shipments not restocking. i have tested mine and they do seem to restock correctly every couple of days.

note – upon installing this mod you should need to wait for a couple of days or go out exploring so enough time can pass for the shops to restock.

if anyone finds any problems let me know in the comments section, enjoy.

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