FO 4 Who Are You

Who Are You v 1.0
by SkunkMonkey
This is a collection of files that can be run from the console to give NPCs certain sets of clothing to help identify the job you have been assigned them in your settlement.

Feel free to open the individual files and tailor the loadouts to your liking. The main feature here is have a quick and easy way to make them easily identifiable.

Place the files from the Data folder in this archive into the Fallout 4\Data folder of your game.

In first person mode, stand in front of the NPC to setup.
Open the console.
Click on the NPC and make sure their ID displayed correctly.
Now type ‘bat’, a space, then the setup from list below.
Example:> bat makefarmer
Hit enter and you should see several additem commands.
Close the console and open trading window with NPC.
Use the Equip command to put on the new outfit.

If you select yourself, the items will be added to your inventory.

Simply delete the files you installed.

A setup for each “job” at a Settlement as well as ones for each type of market vendor stall.
Use the word in [brackets] for the console command.
Example: bat makeguard

Guard (Armored) [makeguard]
Combat Armor Helmet 0011E2C8
Patrolman Sunglasses 001738AA
Gunner’s Camo Bandana 0017E922
Military Fatigues 0016892C
Combat Armor Left Arm 0011D3C7
Combat Armor Right Arm 0011D3C6
Combat Armor Left Leg 0011D3C5
Combat Armor Right Leg 0011D3C4
Combat Armor Chest Piece 0011D3C3

Provisioner (Armored) [makeprov]
Mining Helmet 001240F1
Road Goggles 000A81B0
Red Bandana 0009C05B
Road Leathers 000AF0E2
Metal Armor Left Arm 0004B933
Metal Armor Right Arm 000536C1
Metal Armor Left Leg 000536C2
Metal Armor Right Leg 000536C3
Metal Armor Chest Piece 000536C4

Farmer [makefarmer]
Wrapped Cap 000787DB
Wraparound Goggles 000536C5
Leopard Print Bandana 0017E91B
Suspenders and Slacks 000FC102

Scrapper [makescrapper]
Tinker Headgear 001832F5
Welding Goggles 000787D9
Blue Bandana 0017E917
Utility Coveralls 00039A66

Trader [makevendort]
Postman Uniform 00146174
Gray Knit Cap 000F6D84

Food&Drink [makevendorf]
Bowler Hat 000FC104
Clean Striped Suit 001BDDFB

Clothing [makevendorc]
Faded Visor 0012571C
Fashionable Glasses 000FD9AA
Feathered Dress 001B5F1B

Armor [makevendora]
Vault-Tec Security Helmet 000821B6
Patrolman Sunglasses 001738AA
Vault 111 Jumpsuit 0001EED7
Vault-Tec Security Armor 000821B4

Weapons [makevendorw]
Military Cap 0016892E
Patrolman Sunglasses 001738AA
Army Fatigues 00023431

Medic (Clinic) [makevendorm]
Medical Goggles 000E4501
Surgical Mask 000787DA
Lab Coat 00178B68

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