Move an old settlement to anywhere on the map mod

Move an old settlement to anywhere on the map mod

This is a way to set up your own custom settlement location by moving an old useless one.

The console command process for setting up your own custom settlement are as follow

1. First select your workshop you want to use in the console got to the location on the map where you want your base inside a cell

or a building in other words probably will not work its untested but you can try.

3. Next you type in the console

moveto player

if your cenetered on the screen the workshop will likely be aligned just do that command again if you want to adjust it.

4. Next you search for location in the console

if i wanted vault 111 as a base you would type

( help vault 4 ) and i would look for vault 111 location or ( lctn ) is the abrieviated name. In the console.

All i would have to do is look on the map in the pipboy

and look for the name of my place and search for it in the console

5. Then you would type

( addformtoformlist ) (the id of the location of my place) (1d98e2)

without the brackets

and it will show up in the pipboy with all the info you need!

Have Fun Mako?Rehaps?

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