SiderisTech Culinary Expansion Module 2

SiderisTech Culinary Expansion Module

SiderisTech Culinary Expansion Module 2SiderisTech Culinary Expansion Module

DISCLAIMER: This mod was produced using FO4Edit.

This mod adds various new food items into the game, which allows you to live your dream of becoming a member of the post-apocalyptic culinary profession! With the SiderisTech Culinary Expansion Module, you can create all kinds of new and exciting food. Try out the succulent Mirelurk Stew, the delectable Salisbury Radroach Steak, or the wonderful Fish and Chips! To start using your Expansion Module, just hop on over to your nearest Cooking Station and work away, or create a handy guide for items in this Module.

Take a gander at the delightful food items you can make with the SiderisTech Culinary Expansion Module:

Mirelurk Stew [Restores 55 HP over 10 seconds.]
A Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Cuisine [First Edition] [Provides a guide to this mod. Crafted with 1 Steel and 3 Carrots at a Cooking Station under Sideris Tech Recipes.]
Moleratatouille [Restores 90 HP over 15 seconds.]

Version history:

002-Alpha: Renamed the holotape guide to A Layman’s Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Cuisine [First Edition] and fleshed it out a bit. Added Moleratatouille.
001-Alpha: Original release. Adds Mirelurk Stew and the Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Cuisine [First Edition.]

To-do list:

Orange items are things that will be done once the Creation Kit is released. Red items are things that will be done next release. Green items are things that will be done Soon[TM].

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