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You want some chems or beverages from the Mojave Wasteland ? Well, perhaps this mod is for you…
Thanks to the Mojave Express, you can now buy or find them, here, in the Commonwealth !

This mod add several items from Fallout New Vegas to Fallout 4. You can buy them from your favorite seller or find them anywhere the in Commonwealth.
In addition, this mod also contain some edits I did to the Nuka Cola bottles (see details below).

Aside from the Nuka Cola Cherry and Quantum, this mod add a new items to the game.
No ressources have been imported from Fallout New Vegas.


I planned to add new items from Fallout New Vegas (and perhaps some from Fallout and Fallout 2). Just be patient. I’m working on it.
If you want to know on what I’m working for the next update, you can read it here.


New items :
Fixer : Temporary removes addictions for 2 minutes. (20 Caps)
Cateye : Low-light vision for 2 min. (20 Caps)
Nuka Cola Quartz : Low-light vision and +5% Damage for 2 minutes, +30 HP, +10 AP, +5 RAD. (45 Caps)
Nuka Cola Victory : +30 HP, +50 AP, +5 RAD. (45 Caps)
Sunset Sarsaparilla : +20 HP, +10 AP. (25 Caps)

Changes/Edits :
All bottles of Nuka Cola now have a capsule with the brand written on it.
All bottles of Nuka Cola now use the same environmap texture.
[Optional] Nuka Cherry is now renamed “Nuka Cola Cherry” and has a new mesh/textures.
[Optional] Nuka Cola Quantum has a new label inspired from Fallout 3/New Vegas.

Additional details :
To obtain the “Temporary removal of addictions” effect, I used a workaround which levels out withdrawal effect penalties.
For example, Mentats addiction reduces your Charisma of 1 pt. So Fixer will give you 1 pt of Charisma during 2min.
As result, Fixer will works with most of the chems and alcohols. There is probably a better way of doing it, but for the moment this is the best way I found.


Don’t hesitate to report any issue you find.
If you want a specific item from Fallout New Vegas in this mod, I’m open to suggestions.
If you have suggestion to improve or (re)balance this mod, I’m listening.
If you encounter some of the new items too often, please report, so I could adjust the loot tables.


My previous mod Sunset Sarsaparilla is included to this mod. So you can remove it if you use it.
But since the Sunset Sarsaparilla (of this mod) use an another ID, any old Sunset Sarsaparilla you have in your inventory will be removed. So make sure you have drank them before ;).

This mod is not compatible with any other mod that change the appearance of Nuka Cola, Nuka Cherry or Nuka Cola Quantum.

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