An Alternative Looking Piper

An Alternative Looking Piper

Update: Due to the overwhelming success of the “How many negative comments can I get” game, I decided to change the name of this mod. The file name will remain the same until I update it. But really, this mod was something I created because I preferred it to the freckled wrinkly Piper. I mean, she ‘s not that wrinkly but they were there! Figured I would share it for those who might have wanted a ‘change’ (much better in my opinion :P). As I stated below, the FO4Edit is limited and I did the best I could with what I was given. Stay tuned for updates.

Piper looks kind of middle aged in this game. This little mod makes her appear younger. There’s not much else to say?

Oh, what I did.
I changed her facial texture to be less damaged. Darkened her hair. It’s a deeper black now. And changed her eyes to a pale blue. Looks great.

Modify it how you like, I just ask you give me the credit for the original file and keep it on the Nexus!

Its an .esp file. Either let your favorite mod manager handle it or manually install it by throwing it into your Data folder.

Delete it from your Data folder. Or uninstall with mod manager.

I used FO4EDIT to make this mod. Due to its currently limiting functionality, her eyebrows and lips are different and cannot be changed. I will be changing that as soon as I can!

Does not work with steams BETA patches program because it is an .esp file. These files are not loaded when Fallout launches.

Get The Eyes of Beauty mod to make the eyes look like the ones in the pictures. Otherwise her eyes will be a bit dull looking. Eye color is Pale Blue. Support them!

Not possible without FO4EDIT so support their work!

If you encounter any bugs then please please let me know. I only tested this on 2 computers (without problems) so yeah.

Jay Milligan

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