Geralt The Witcher Voice Resources-1

Geralt The Witcher Voice Resources

This Mod it’s a modders resource with a Modified voice of Geralt to use in dialogue.

I cuted out some interesting lines from Geralt’s dialogue so it can be use in dialogue creation.

The pitch has been lowered slightly so you get a more deeper voice, this is my preference so it doesn’t sound exactly like Geralt.

The Wavs are named with the dialogue line so it’s easy to know what you’re using

Why publish it on Fallout 4?

A: Because this can be used as soon as the game is released (not sure how easy it will be to create an npc/compaion to use it but that’s something we’ll discover soon, I guess…). Also it’s great to have some assets like these to start with modding.

I also will release links in other Nexus games but this will stay as the base of the mod.


Feel free to use as The Witcher series permit the use of their assets in other games.

I would appreciate a mention if you use these assets in your mods.


I would like to thank Levionte for pointing me out at the original voice file in Witchers Installation Folder.

Thank you so much CD PROJEKT RED for being so kind and let people use their assets in other games.

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