Unlimited Companions Console Support

Unlimited Companions Console Support

I was already making a few changes to the console when the Unlimited Companions mod came out so I decided to integrate the commands directly in the console.

You just need to press the UP Arrow key while selecting a companion with the console open and you don’t need to write much, apart from changing the number 2 to 3 for the next companion like:

setconsolescopequest followers2
forcerefintoalias companion2

setconsolescopequest followers3
forcerefintoalias companion3

The interface version is not compatible with other mods that change the console I have an alternative as second choice. If you need other commands please let me know.

For those that don’t want to change the console interface. You need to download it manually.

It also adds support to dismiss the followers.

It’s made with AuHotKey. I you are afraid of virus I can provide source.

How to use (Non Interface version)

1-Launch the followercontrol.exe before Fallou4.It will be on your system tray (right click to exit).
2- In game open the console and click on the follower you want to change.

You will need to use a combination of the “Control – Ctrl” key with a number corresponding to the follower (so try to remember that)


Control+1 – will write in the console “setconsolescopequest followers2” (change the number accordingly)

Control+2 – will write in the console “forcerefintoalias companion2” (change the number accordingly)

Control+3 – will write in the console “setplayerteammate 1” (change the number accordingly)


Control+5 – will write in the console “setconsolescopequest followers5” (change the number accordingly)

Control+6 – will write in the console “emptyrefalias companion5” (change the number accordingly)

Control+7 – will write in the console “setplayerteammate 0” (change the number accordingly)


This file is provided as is and the author holds no responsiblity for anything that may come to happen from using this file.

Use this file as you wish in any mod with some credit, just drop me a pm about it.

by skyrimlu

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