Settlement Supplies Expanded (SSEx)

Settlement Supplies Expanded (SSEx)
AKA “why is this stuff not already in the game?”
Ever wonder why Bethesda gave us so few things to build with? Hey, me too.

For some reason we are, by default, limited to a small amount of objects to build our settlements. Why? Good question. Whatever the reason, I am fixing it, hopefully to your satisfaction. I will be writing a guide and putting it in the description, but right now I’m writing this up and getting it released so you guys can download. I’ll work on a tutorial after I have it uploaded.

At the time of uploading, this mod currently adds:
39 Useable Furniture Items (Beds/Chair/Benches)
20 Doors (That do not need to be attached to a wall)
12 Miscellaneous Interactive Objects (Barber/Surgery Chair, etc.)
33 Static Car Objects (Pre-War and Destroyed)
10 Static Miscellaneous Objects (Boxing Ring, Bridge, etc.)

Object Categories:
Unfortunately, I can’t add new categories (or if I can, I haven’t figured out how), so I’ve had to add these objects to existing ones. So:
Furniture Objects are in the Rugs Category
Doors are in the Doors Category
Containers are in the Paintings Category
Miscellaneous Interactive Objects are in the Signs Category
Static Car Objects are in the Wire Fence Category
Miscellaneous Static Objects are in Buildings>Miscellaneous and you must TGM before entering the menu to place them

1. Download file and extract Classic VATS.esp to your Data folder
2. Use a mod manager to load the mod, or manually install it

This mod was made completely in TES5Edit, not in TESVSnip, since that makes some people more comfortable for some reason.

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