Realistic Ragdoll Force

Realistic Ragdoll Force

Realistic Ragdoll Force 2Realistic Ragdoll Force

Ragdolls now reflect real life physics instead of cartoons.

Force types:
Realistic – Ragdolls will slump down where they stand
Action – Added minor knock back

Ragdoll force will only apply if the npc is not in a death animation. This mod does not edit the body mesh, just force values.

Move the plugin file to the Fallout 4 data folder:

…\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data

Activate with the launcher or mod installer

-Added Reduced Reduced Explosion Force optional file.
This will reduce the amount of force applied to items and bodies to about half. Items and bodies no matter how heavy or light they are, will react with the same amount of force



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