Real working jet pack


This is a simple mod which enables you to fly indefinitely around the wasteland with your jet pack. I disabled the Jet pack AP drain
as there really was no point to having the ability to fly indefinetely for 5 seconds. Not sure if Fusion core drain is disabled
but it shouldn’t, tell me if it is in the comments please!

UPDATE: now a 10% AP drain version is also available.

Like all my mods this mod is made in FO4Edit.


NMM: just download and install through the manager and enable the mod in the list if it is not already.

Manual: Place the ESP file in your data folder in your Fallout 4 game folder then go to
User/Appdata/Local/Fallout4, open plugins and type the name of the ESP file EXACTLY as it shows
and put .esp behind the last letter of the name without a space, save the file and put it as read only.

WARNING!: If you can’t find the appdata folder it is most likely because it is hidden on your system,
google how to show hidden folders and it should appear.

Credits: Calotop

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