Precision Aiming – Slow Time While Aiming

This mod changes the 3 main gun perks: Gunslinger, Commando, and Rifleman perks to allow slow motion while aiming down sights and uses action points.

Simple little mod that helps those that have trouble aiming but don’t like to use VATS or those who play with controllers.

Rank 1 adds slow-motion while aiming down sights while you stand still.
Rank 3 halves the cost of action points.
Rank 5 allows slow motion while you’re moving.

NOTE: It’s a little wonky, sometimes it doesn’t trigger right away, sometimes it doesn’t return to normal right away.

There might be a bug that getting the Rifleman perk actually adds it to all weapon types. Don’t know if it’s a problem with my save file or not.
Made with FO4Edit.

I suck at modding. Feel free to edit and improve.


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