Playable Synths

Ok so this will allow you to play as these spooky looking robotic things with their animations and eveything, expect no voice.. roleplay as the real thing, oh wait..

Alright to get the up and running you will need to get into the character creator screen and you will have to pick one of the 4 presets for the male.
The first one with the floating eyes is Synth Gen1 the second one with the yellow face is a synth gen2 and the white one with the black crap on his face is nick valentine and the last one is a dirty synth gen2

Depending on which preset you pick you will need to click on yourself enter setrace synthgen1 or setrace synthgen2 and or setrace synthgen2racevalentine
After that your body and messed up face textures sure appear as the default race of them, nick’s face seems to not have the alpha working after you leave so theres something wrong there, his face isnt broken.

You will be able to using any object and terminal and wear any armor/clothes/crap and so will the other synths, so they will also be able to steal your power armor if they have a chance. Also if you get crippled as a naked synth, you limbs will be destroyed and will unable to recover the broken pieces. I don’t know how to fix that yet.


After you are done with your synth in character creation, you will need to enter tfc and slm 14 do not enter setrace just yet. after you do that and get into the editor you will now need to enter setrace synthgen2 or setrace synthgen2valentine.

It will get rid of the eyesbrow and you also need to lower the skin color down to amber or chestnut to match with the back of the head. you can add other stuff like extras on it, after you are done exit the editor and enter tfc again and you are all set.

For users with an existing save, enter setrace human onto yourself first then tfc and slm 14 then setrace synthgen2/valentine


TL;DR: –

Pick preset
Stare at it for a bit
Exit Character creator
Enter Setrace synthgen1 or setrace synthgen2 or setrace synthgen2racevalentine onto yourself on the console

Theres also two optional files that contain alternate skins for Synthgen1 and Synthgen2, you can only pick one.

After all thats done you can play as a synth with their punching animations, this effects the player 00000007 record, so if any mods touches that it will have some issues.

You can either install this with Nexus Mod Manager or the one i like to use Fallout 4 Mod Manager. orrrrrrrrrrrrr manual. Place esp in data folder and edit Plugin.txt put Playable Synths.esp and Synth Presets.esp on the list and saved it as read only. Plugin.txt should be in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Fallout4

You can also use Mod organizer but its in clear alpha at the moment and is very crash happy, it barely loads any mods for then just crashes every 5 seconds during the intro

Mod organizer


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