No Pickpocket Chance Cap 2

No Pickpocket Chance Cap

No Pickpocket Chance Cap 2No Pickpocket Chance Cap 1No Pickpocket Chance Cap

This changes the default cap of 90% to 100% when pickpocketing. Before you ask, no, this does not mean that pickpocketing is always a 100% chance. This ONLY removes the maximum chance. This way if you are sufficiently skilled, the chance can surpass 90%, but if you are not then it will not.

Let’s be honest, no one is gonna accept a pickpocketing fail and accept the consequences of being caught. You will quickload. This just saves time for those of you that have invested the perks necessary to be good enough to achieve such a high percentage chance.

This mod was made with FO4Edit.

If anyone for whatever reason would like a cap other than 100%, let me know.

On the off chance that you are curious, my name is pronounced “YOU-EE-OPP”. People may never get it right.


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