Improved Hunting Rifle

Improved Hunting Rifle

This mod, using an esp, gives the hunting the rifle the extra fire power it deserves! Effectively doubling its damage output

Seemed to me that even with a 50 cal receiver, it just wasn’t enough to deal with some of the stronger enemies later in the game, especially on harder difficulties. Now it should serve as a hardy companion for when you need things killed, or if you just want a sniper that’s true to its name.


You can install normally through Nexus Mod Manager, just add the file to the mod list and double click

Alternatively, you can install it manually by dropping the esp into your fallout 4 DATA folder, and adding ‘UpgradedHuntingRifle.esp’ (no quotes) to the plugin file, located at C:>user>name>AppData>local>fallout4. Be sure to set the file to read only once changed.

Like with all mods released prior to the creation kit, its important you back up any saves you have. this is a simple edit, so it shouldn’t cause any problems. But it’s always good to be safe!

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