Damage Multiplier

Damage Multiplier

If you don’t like shooting at bullet sponges, this mod may help.

This mod drastically increases the rate of damage on both the player and NPCs. It only affects Survival difficulty.

Instructions for use:

1. Download the .rar file and extract the DamageMultiplier.esp into your Fallout4\Data folder.
2. Navigate to your Local Appdata Folder a quick way would be to paste and enter %localappdata% into your run bar, then navigate to the Fallout4 folder.
3. Edit the plugins.txt file by adding DamageMultiplier.esp in a new line under Fallout4.esm.
4. Make plugins.txt file read only by right clicking the file, selecting properties, and checking the read only box and applying.
5. Set the ingame difficulty to Survival.

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